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How to Join Los Gatos Rowing Club as a Master Member and Sign Up for a Coached Program


LGRC Adult (Masters) Rowing

  • Los Gatos Rowing Club (LGRC) supports rowing in the adult community both for returning rowers and for those who want to learn to row.
  • LGRC offers a variety of annual membership plans and programs for adult rowers age 19 and up.
  • Programs for adults (over age 18) include learn-to-row classes, competitive training for men and women (over age 26), competitive training for open aged men and women (usually 18 through 26), fitness and skills training for all adults, and coaching for both sweep rowing and sculling. Programs run year round and all fees are subject to change without notice.
  • As a non-profit entity, LGRC relies on members to operate and maintain its facilities, equipment, and activities.  As such, each adult member is required to perform 12 hours of volunteer service for the Club during the calendar year.  This requirement is prorated for those members joining during the year. Members not fulfilling this requirement will be charged $25 per hour for those hours not fulfilled. Numerous opportunities are available to volunteer throughout the year to fulfill this requirement.

Before joining a program, participants must become a member of LGRC by signing up for one of the LGRC membership plans, as listed below:

Masters Membership Plans

General Masters Membership - Age 27+: $600

General membership runs annually through the calendar year.  General membership entitles use of club equipment (subject to availability priorities), facilities, option to rent private boat storage if available, and access to Lexington Reservoir.  This membership option also provides for participation in club organized coached rowing programs (additional fees apply).

General Masters Membership - Age 19-26: $300

General membership for those under 27 provides the same benefits as the over 27 option.  While under-27 members are able to participate in coached rowing programs, please note that US Rowing regulations classify this age group as Open or AA.  As such, this age group will generally not race with over-27 groups.

Summer Collegiate Membership: $75 (June - September)

This option is for LGRC alumni and collegiate rowers (must be participating in a college-level rowing program) who wish to continue their fitness and training on an independent basis.  Summer members have access to club facilities, equipment (subject to prioritized availability) and Lexington Reservoir.  No coaching is included.  The summer program runs from June 1 through the end of September.

Out-of-Area Membership: $275

This membership option is for out-of-area members who are only able to use LGRC facilities half of the year or less.  Out-of-area members must reside at least 100 miles from Los Gatos when they are out of the area.  Out-of-area members are entitled to all general membership benefits.

Sustaining Membership: $200
Los Gatos Rowing Club is very much an alumni and family-oriented club. We welcome non-rowing members who are interested in joining the community organization. Sustaining members are welcome at all club functions and events and will be included in Club correspondences but are not voting members. Sustaining members can use the facilities and equipment a maximum of 5 times per membership year, providing they have certified rowing experience, and are required to sign a USRowing “Release of Liability” waiver and the LGRC Swim Waiver.  

San Jose State Student Membership:  $100 per semester
Available only to currently-enrolled SJSU students who have completed an SJSU Intro To Rowing class or have verifiable previous high school rowing experience.  Non-voting membership.  Restricted rowing times.

One-Month Trial Membership: $75

This membership is available for special cases of experienced rowers only, where the intent is to join LGRC.  Fees paid toward this option will be applied to the full general membership.

Private Boat Storage: 

A limited number of private member boat storage spaces are available inside the LGRC boathouse for members to store single and double sculling boats.  If the spaces are all taken, a waiting list is maintained.

2017 storage rates:  $680 for a double, $460 for a single.


The following steps are required to become a Masters Member:

Download all forms in 2017 Waivers sign and return to the Club mailbox by the front door at the boathouse, or mail to the Club address: LGRC, .PO. Box 188, Los Gatos, CA 95031-0188


Please read all instructions before clicking on links:

  1. Click on “Join the Club” box below.
  2. Click your  “Membership Type”, select, click "Next"  
  3. Answer all questions. Those with a Red Dot are required.   
  4. Pick your user name and your password. Make your payment.
  5. Click on "Done".
  6. As soon as your payment (if paying by cash/check) AND waivers are received, your membership will be activated and you will be able to log on and register for coached programs.  See "How To Sign Up for Masters Programs" below. 


Once payment and forms are received, you will receive an email confirming that you are a member.  Until then, your membership will be listed as “Pending”.  To return the forms and payment by check, you may:   
  • Deposit them in the black mail box located inside the boathouse (just inside the entry door, on the left wall), or
  • Mail them to Masters Membership Coordinator, P.O. Box 188, Los Gatos , CA 95031-0188, or
  • Turn them into the Masters Membership Coordinator at the Club.  All current coordinators are listed in "Contact Us" on this website.  


Refund Policy:  Annual membership fees are non-refundable.  For coached program fees, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis if a member withdraws due to injury, serious illness, or family emergency.


Returned Check Policy:  Returned checks incur an administrative charge of $25.


Family Discount Policy:   

  • When two or more junior members from the same family participate in junior programs at the same time, a discount of 10% on the junior rower program fee will be granted to the second and each subsequent junior family member’s program fee.
  • If a junior parent becomes a masters member while his or her child is enrolled in the junior program, or if a masters member adds a junior member, the only discount granted will be 10% on the annual masters dues paid. No junior program fee discount will be granted.
  • When two or more Masters members from the same family, living at the same address, are Master members at the same time, a discount of 10% on Masters annual dues, not program fees, will be granted to the second and subsequent adult family members. No family discounts are granted on Masters program fees.



Join the Club

How To Sign Up for Masters Programs

Once you have registered as a member of the Club and the appropriate payments/forms are turned in, you will be able to sign up online for coached programs (such as the San Diego Crew Classic ("SDCC") training program).  Members will use the Event Calendar link on the Home Page to sign up for all programs.

  1. Log in as a member.
  2. From the Home page, select "Event Calendar".  On the calendar, locate the program you wish to join.  Click the appropriate program listing. 
  3. When the program page appears, click the "Register Now" box and then check "Sign Up Yourself" as the Primary Registrant.
  4. Under "Select Registration Type" there are two options to choose from - if you are paying by credit card simply select the program name.  If you prefer to pay by cash or check, select that option.  Click "Next" and review the fee information.  Click "Complete Registration".   Select the appropriate payment option.  If paying by cash or check, print invoice and remit to Club along with your payment.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.  You will also receive an email confirmation that your payment has been received.  If you pay by check, the confirmation will take several days.



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