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Scholarship Policy and Application - Deadline August 23, 2017

Los Gatos Rowing Club Scholarship Policy

Los Gatos Rowing Club encourages participation in the sport of rowing. The club recognizes that the cost of participation may be a barrier for some juniors who wish to participate. Therefore, the club makes limited scholarship aid available for junior members.

The Scholarship Application can be found by clicking on the following button:

2017- 2018 Scholarship Policy and Application

2017-2018 Scholarship Application- Fillable

Who is eligible to apply?

Junior members whose families have demonstrable financial need are eligible to apply for scholarship aid.

How funds are made available

The club will make scholarship funds available up to a limit of the 4% of the budgeted income for the Junior Program Regular Rowing Season. Scholarships will be accounted for as both income and expense to the Junior Programs. However, since scholarships result in a loss of revenue to the club as a whole, all members share in the cost of providing scholarships. At the discretion of the Finance Committee, a portion of the available funds may be set aside and earmarked to provide assistance for travel expenses to invitational/select regattas. If a scholarship recipient drops out of the program, the unused scholarship funds may be allocated to other applicants at the Finance Committee’s discretion or set aside and earmarked to provide assistance for travel expenses to invitational/select regattas. Unused funds will be rolled forward to the next Junior Program.

How much will be awarded

Scholarship aid for any one individual shall not be expected to exceed 55% of the Junior Program Regular Rowing Season Fee. If the requests for scholarship aid exceed the funds available, each individual may receive an award that is LESS than 55% of the fee. If the full amount available for scholarship aid is not used for fees, the club may use the funds to provide assistance for travel expenses to invitational regattas upon a coach’s request to the Finance Committee.

Based on submitted documentation, the Treasurer will use his/her best judgment to rank the need of the scholarship applicants. The ranked list will be provided to the Finance Committee that will allocate the available funds to applicants within the first two weeks of the program. Scholarship recipients must pay the remainder of the fee immediately upon notification of the scholarship award, OR the 14th day of the program, whichever comes later.

How to apply

Parents of junior members seeking scholarship aid must submit a completed Scholarship Application accompanied by Federal tax return(s) and payment of 45% of the first fee installment (program fee installment payments are due in September and January – see Junior Program/Registration information pages for exact amounts and dates).

Completed applications must be received on or before the first day of the Junior Program.

The application and accompanying documents can be submitted by email to, hand delivered to the boathouse drop‐box, or mailed to:

LGRC ‐ Treasurer, P.O. Box 188, Los Gatos, CA 95031‐0188.

If the rower decides to drop out of the program within 7 days of being notified of the amount of his/her scholarship award, then the 45% program fee already paid LESS $300 will be refunded by check. If a rower who has accepted a scholarship award drops out after the 21st day of the program, then the Junior Registration Policy applies. 

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