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2017 Fall Middle School Program Registration

Perspective Middle School athletes, if you are in grades 6th-8th, the Middle School Program programs are a great way to be introduced to rowing, develop your skills, and improve your fitness.  We have three Middle School programs

Middle School Program 1( MSP 1): Wednesday, September 13 - Friday, November 3, 2017, Wednesday and Friday - 4 - 6pm
Middle School Program 2 (MSP 2): Wednesday, September 16 - November 15, 2017, Saturday and Sunday - 11am - 1pm
Middle School Program 3 (MSP 3):  Currently not offered in the Fall of 2017

The Program Fee for the season is $600.  

To join the Middle School Programs, you need to complete the following 3 steps:

1. Create a user profile by becoming a member of  LGRC.  This is free and allows you to enter your contact information and emergency information on our website. 

2. Join USRowing ($7.75).  USRowing is our governing body and they require that each of our members joins their organization as a basic member.  This is for insurance purposes.

3. Join the Middle School Program 1 or Middle School Program 2.  To do this, sign in on our website under the athlete’s user profile and register them for the specific program. 

Below you will find more information on the above steps.

1. To create a user profile and Join LGRC, click on the following button: Become an LGRC Member Here

Membership type is JUNIOR ROWER

The member is the ATHLETE, not the Parent!  Follow the steps and enter the required information.  Make sure the info is correct or else we may have difficulty contacting you if needed.


2. Join US Rowing- Click on the following button and use the info below: 

The Club Code is GHZ7U (case sensitive)

The member is the ATHLETE, not the Parent!

The cost of membership is $7.75.

3. Join the Middle School Program 1 or Middle School Program 2 Program by signing into the website under the junior athletes profile.  Click on the appropriate button below:

Middle School Program 1-  2017 Fall Middle School Program 1 - 9/13/2017
Middle School Program 2 - 2017 Fall Middle School Program 2 - 9/16/2017